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Cairo Street

As I recently looked through some travel photos, I spotted this one which captured life on a regular Cairo Street.  It made me realise that I don’t have street photos from many other places that I’ve been … which is a shame.  While we often take photos of scenic beauty and architectural or engineering marvels, we often miss taking photos of common everyday life.  The streets of any city are usually the place that we experience local culture the most – and while I highly recommend that we make the most of those opportunities, perhaps a few photos are also in order.

Ordinary life on a street in Cairo, where all manner of transport is used.

Ordinary life on a street in Cairo, where all manner of transport is used.

Dad’s Recommendation:
Simple … take some street life photos on your travels.  While you may take it all for granted at the time, it’s worth snapping a few pictures to help you remember later (or to share with others).