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Jet Boating the Rakaia Gorge

With a special thanks to my family for a great birthday present, I was given the chance to go jet-boating up the Rakaia Gorge recently with my brother.  However there is no photo that can adequately show the thrilling adventure of speeding through the beautiful scenery … although I’m very glad that we stopped several times to soak it in (and take some photos).

Looking up the Rakaia River

Looking up the Rakaia River

Although winter has just started, it was a gorgeous day for jet-boating.  The wind was very strong, enough to where I took my hat off so that it wouldn’t get blown off!  I also put my good camera in my coat pocket once I discovered that the memory card hadn’t been returned to the camera after downloading the last batch of photos.  These pictures were taken from a mobile device, so I’m thankful that new devices have such decent camera’s.

Jet boating these rivers is a blast, and the scenery isn't too bad either.

Jet boating these rivers is a blast, and the scenery isn’t too bad either.

Dad’s Recommendation:
Take a river jet boat trip if you ever have the chance. Especially when visiting the South Island of New Zealand.  However, check your camera for a memory card first!