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Coolest little capital in the world

Wellington, New Zealand was named “the coolest little capital in the world” by Lonely Planet in 2011.  I was just in Wellington for a conference last week, and wanted to echo those sentiments.

A mix of old and new downtown

 The city is nestled tightly together on the narrow shoreline, although the city has long since overflowed into the hills and valleys around the central business district.  You can easily walk around central city, now repleat with a vibrant cafe culture and dynamic streets that ebb and flow with life.

Wellington CBD nestled around the harbour

While oft known as the Windy City due to the wicked winds that can blow up the harbour from Cook Straight, it’s more recently been given the moniker of ‘Wellywood’ for its central role as a technical powerhouse behind some of Hollywoods biggest hits.  However, the proposed copycat white sign on the airport hill has been controversial amongst residents (so is unlikely to proceed).  The picture on left was taken on a rainy day, although the sun came out on the third day of my visit – and provided a lovely blue sky which would have been a much better backdrop. As with any photo, it’s difficult to capture the 3D view from a spot such as this, let along the 4D atmosphere provided by the chattering people strolling past. 

Dad’s Recommendation:
Take more time away from work to enjoy the sights and sounds at towns, cities, and countries where you visit.  Some short breaks away from work will likely make you more productive, and also will help provide a little balance in your life.  Take time to stroll the Golden Mile (Lambton Quay and adjacent  streets) … and try to find Plimmer’s Ark (John Plimmer is considered the father of Wellington, and remnants of his boat were discovered under a bank during structural strengthening.)