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Remembering the events of 9-11

What were you doing ten years ago when first hearing the news about an airplane hitting the World Trade Center?  It’s a question that we ask as adults, and provides anecdotal evidence that adrenaline highlights our senses to remember certain details from those extraordinary moments, which unfolded in something akin to a terrible dream.  I was driving down Preston Road (TX-289) in Frisco, TX on my way to work, driving my old Black Saab on a clear and sunny morning.  Arriving a few minutes later, I told disbelieving colleagues and our stunned our office watched on TV with unified concern until the first tower fell … nobody spoke as the shock and horror reached like ice into our marrow.  None of us could watch any more as we all felt compelled to get home to our families, and I clearly remember driving home on emptied roads under a blue sky devoid of the vapor trails which usually point the way to DFW. 

We were living in Denton, Texas with our two boys, and Colette was pregnant with Anna-Kate. I had been traveling a lot and had actually been scheduled to fly to California that week.  For some reason my plans changed at the last minute and hence I was on the road to work instead of at an airport – or on a plane as Colette was quick to point out.  Colette had the TV on that morning and immediately became alarmed when the first news reports came out about the first plane hitting the twin towers.  We were grateful that we were able to watch the grim news reports together as a family, while all humanity struggled to comprehend this tragic milestone in history.

If my comment thread is working correctly, you are welcome to comment with your story from that fateful day.