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October 4, 2013

Spring Daffodils

Just a short time ago, I took my family to a park for some annual photos in the daffodils.  While the seasons are reversed between the northern and southern hemispheres … it’s still a great thing to make a tradition of something as simple as taking photos during the relatively short daffodil season.  It’s handy to have annual photos of the kids growing up, and while birthdays, Christmas or school photos are great, sometimes it’s good to have something scenic in the frame as well.

This is a photo of my youngest two children.  While travel may be lots of fun, it's much better with those you love.

This is a photo of my youngest two children. While travel may be lots of fun, it’s much better with those you love.

As noted in the photo caption, it’s much better to travel with those you love.  So, while sometimes it may be easier to travel through challenging foreign environments by yourself, it is better and safer to travel with someone else …. however, it’s much more fun to travel anywhere with your loved ones (especially once the kids are a little older).

Dad’s Recommendation:
Make some simple annual  family traditions, and capture them on film.  (To kids – a tradition is anything they liked, and which we’ve done at least once.)

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