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June 17, 2012


Port Hills Adventure

Peter, Luke & Anna-Kate soaking up the view

If you ever visit Christchurch, New Zealand, you will no doubt notice the Southern Alps which make up the majority of the South Island. However, the closest hills to town are the Port Hills … a portion of an ancient volcanic rim which separates Christchurch from the port town of Lyttleton.

While many people don’t take the time to visit the scenic areas close to where they live (I was staggered to hear that most people who live in Cairo have never actually visited the Pyramids), in Christchurch it seems like everyone visits the Port Hills on their days off.  While it’s clear that the entire city doesn’t actually do this, it is certainly note-worthy how many people are walking, driving, or riding their way up and down the steep hills.  The walking trails along the summit are full of people out for a walk, run, or bike ride, and with spectacular scenery everywhere – it’s easy to see why.

View north, over the central city

Ironically, while the hills usually look the same from town (unless there’s a light dusting of snow during the winter), the view from on top the Port Hills seems to be ever changing, with vista’s in many directions – and always a little different with the changing season, or simply the changing light throughout the day.

There are some nice cafe’s on both sides of the hills, and they make for lovely spots to rest for a little and watch the world pass by.

Dad’s Recommendation: Learn from the people of Christchurch – whether living or visiting town, take the time to get out and about, and where better than the Port Hills overlooking the city.

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  1. Sally
    Jun 18 2012

    A must do on my visit there. Thanks for the great blog.


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