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September 13, 2011

Chi Air Digital Luggage Scale Review

Those who have travelled with me over the last three decades will generally know that I like my gadgets.  Certainly I’ve been through various phases with certain items, and have a veritable collection of useful things that I seldom take on trips any longer.  Having just recently returned from a one month family trip to Tahiti, New Zealand, and Australia, I am compelled to make my first review about the most recent gadget in my drawer … the Chi Air Digital Luggage Scale.

Digital Luggage Scale

I cannot imagine going on a family trip without taking this valuable gadget.  This hand-size unit enables you to measure the weight of your luggage from the comfort of your home, hotel, or hosts accommodation.  This means  it’s much more convenient to redistribute your rock samples (or souvenir books) from one bag to another, thus avoiding overweight bag fees at the airport check-in counter  (they know most people would rather pay the fee than struggle with their dirty laundry on the terminal floor). 

The scale provides measurement in either metric or English units, and has a stated capacity of 50kg/110lb, far more than any airline will allow.  The unit takes one CR2032 3V battery, and easily lasted through rigorous uses over a one month trip – and is still going strong.  I see these units listed online for about US$20, and is well worth it if you’re ever going to travel heavy.

Dad’s Recommendation:
I try to pack relatively light when travelling by myself, irrespective of whether it’s for a few days or for a few weeks.  After all, it’s usually not the end of the world to be missing an item – and most travel items can be replaced if essential.  However, when travelling with a family it’s a really good idea to be as prepared as possible, meaning it’s a good idea to have a little extra stuff on hand … just-in-case!  As such, the weight limits imposed by airlines are much more meaningful when I’m travelling with my family.  A small digital scale such as the Chi Air Digital Luggage Scale could easily save the purchase cost in avoided airline fees.  Of course, don’t forget to check the airline luggage weight limits prior to travel.

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